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Mirjam Cornelisse

Autumn 2015, during a trip to Sri Lanka, I made my first video with my smartphone. With very poor picture quality and edited with a free app. The video itself was rubbish, but for me it was an 'AHA!' moment. With my own hands I could tell a story and capture the moment.


Since then I have become addicted to filming and in 2017 I found my passion in wedding films. Capturing intimate moments and telling stories through beautiful images and cinematic music: I love it!


To capture video and audio as best as possible I always bring a second videographer. Usually this is Luuk (my boyfriend). Together, the two of us can pay more attention to image and sound.


When there are no weddings planned, Luuk and I head out on our own adventures. Often this is with our vintage caravan from '69. With a car loaded with surfboards and mountainbikes we drive to where the sun is shining and the waves are rolling in.

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